General Medical Care

24-hour in-patient and Out- patient general practice by our team of Doctors, Nurses, Mid-wives, Pharmacist and Counselors.

Laboratory services

Also available 24-hours a day, our Lab is exceptional in quality and integrity of services. This includes Hematology, Chemistry (liver function, Kidney Function and Electrolytes) plus microbiology tests. We also maintain collaborations with major laboratories in Kampala to deliver to our clients more complex laboratory services.

Surgical procedures

Our theater provides General Surgery and Obstetric services with General Surgeons and an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist on staff. Anesthesia; both general and local is available.

Ultrasound Scan

Serves a wide range of options that include abdominal scan, obstetric scan, small parts, and superficial scans.

Safe Motherhood.

Antenatal, delivery and Post-natal services by our team of midwives and specialists. Delivery packages enable mothers plan their options with us.

Gynecological services

Our Gynecologist and Midwives provide a wide range of screening, care, surgical and family planning options.

Dental Services

Available 8 am to 5 pm, our fully loaded dental suite provides general and cosmetic Dental Services.

Therapeutic Massage

Our professional care provides a wide range of relaxation and therapeutic service.

Ambulance services for referrals

Patient referral service within and outside Kampala.

Corporate Services

We provide tailor made screening and general check -up and Health Education services for companies, schools and neighborhood communities. Our Outreach team provides long term engagement opportunities to ensure healthy lifestyles and care packages.

HIV/ART Clinic

In partnership with the Ministry of Health in Uganda, we provide Ant-Retroviral Therapy and care management including labs and family support.


We run a weekly Immunization clinic for children getting free Immunization under the government of Uganda program. WMC also provides fee for service adult and travel Immunization, including vaccines not provided under the government program.