Renewal Healthcare Network

Renewal Healthcare is a health promotion and disease prevention program of Africa Renewal Ministries designed to rally local communities, the local church and professional health workers to provide sustainable local  community mechanisms for disease prevention, curative care  and health promotional health activities.
This program was jumpstarted by the creation of Wentz Medical Center in Gaba in 2005 to support the health care for the over 7000 Africa Renewal Ministries’ sponsored children.
 Today, WMC is a successful  and self sustaining, expanding into a  hospital modeling excellence in  healthcare service delivery and inspiring the church to engage in community health projects.
 Renewal Healthcare partners  have also created 4 rural clinics to provide care in underserved growing remote villages;

Bethany Community clinic, Kyagwe Mukono Opened  2008

 Bethany Community Clinic serving the orphanage and community of  Nabitaka, Kyagwe,Mukono.
Bethany Clinic is a level II day care facility managed by two nurses. It runs 9 hours a day Monday to Sunday and serves a community tucked out of easy reach by the lake Victoria and over 20 km from the nearest hospital.
Bethany community includes the Africa Renewal Orphanage with about 170 ophans given homes and parents in the beautiful Bethany village, and Bethany Christian School with about 400  children from the surrounding fishing villages.
Bethany Clinic was built in 2008 with support from EV Free Church and Mississipi missionaries.

Mulete Community Clinic, Mubende, opened January 2011.

 Serving the remote community of mulete in Mubende District Western Uganda, Mulete Community Health Center  is 15km away from the nearest hospital with difficult  transportation services.

This clinic was funded by Dr. John Gilliland, Raymond Lunsford  and  Larry and Mary Karl’s  and Africa Renewal Ministries medical team.
Following the 2007 ARM medical mission to this village, of several projects including mosquito net distributions and health education activities were started and have done much good in bringing down a very sadly high infant mortality rate that troubled Mulete community settlers for years before Pr.Wilson planted Mulete Community Church and established ARM partnership.



Kacungwa Community Clinic to be Opened in March 2016

ARU (Africa Renewal University ) Clinic to be opened in March 2016

Community Medical Aid - Child Survival Fund

Objective !

1.To create a growing fund that will enable access to life saving treatment that is out of reach for many in our community presenting at the clinic

2. To enable intervention care that’s outside health care budgets for community and Africa Renewal Ministries.

3. To support the survival vulnerable children through long term health care as make it out of the acute vulnerable states we find them.


The children benefit by less frequent medical crisis and an overall improvement in health as a result they become better students.
Early detection and treatment of disease which leads to less absenteeism in class
The community benefits as health education, social work, and compliance monitoring bring up the overall awareness of community health.
The fund will save the lives and /or livelihood of children currently slipping through the cracks due to lack of funds.


Usana Vitamin Project








USANA associates every year send a container load USANA vitamins for free distribution to all Children under the care of ARM, for families in the Children’s Hunger Fund Mercy Network, as well vulnerable children attending Wentz Medical Center clinics.

 Many families have noticed a great improvement in the appetites and vitality of their children and we have noticed reduced frequency of illness. Mothers say they no longer worry for colds and fevers as the Usana Vitamins “protect” them from severe disease.






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